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Main Street Marketplace


Shopping Locally 

Main Street Marketplace is a community fresh market, providing affordable groceries on a sliding scale to allow everyone in our community access to healthy foods. By shopping at Main Street Marketplace, you are sustaining our local growers and makers, contributing to a healthier food system, stimulating our local economy, and creating new job opportunities for individuals in our community. 

To learn more, please visit how to partner.

Bag of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

How it works

Our community thrives when you shop 

​​When you shop our Market you are not just providing affordable groceries for your family, but also ensuring jobs, economic stability, and educational resources for individuals in our own community. Our New Tier pricing provides a way for everyone to afford our products. 


The tier-based pricing structure was developed based on research on other grocery stores and organizations operating off of a sliding scale system. It also considers our state’s poverty guidelines and living wage standards as we see these are important factors to consider when servicing individuals from our entire community. We know that income is not always the best indicator though, so we have also included questions for a customer to think about when deciding their preferred tier. We want the Marketplace to be a space where everyone feels welcome and can shop no matter their external circumstances.


So what does this mean for you?

  • On average, when you shop the green tier you save 55% compared to other local grocery stores

  •  On average, when you shop the yellow tier you save 25% compared to other local grocery stores

  • On average when you shop at the blue tier you only spend 2.5% more than when you shop at other stores while also helping support our organization, subsidizing affordable healthy food for others, create local jobs, and support local farmers and makers. 

See below for tier information!

Local Foods

Partnering with local farmers 

Marketplace has set a goal to create more partnerships with local growers. When you partner with Marketplace it increases the stability of our local economy and provides access to nutritious whole foods for everyone, especially those living within the gap from a minimum wage to a living wage.


​Increasing our partnership base with local farmers will ensure people in our community have access to affordable, healthy, and locally grown foods.

Our organization recognizes that while some groceries may be affordable at a for-profit grocery store, healthy items such as fruits and vegetables are often at a much higher cost. 

Marketplace provides the healthiest items for a lower cost for all families, all income levels can afford.

Vegetable Garden

Marketplace Tier Pricing 

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