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Main Street Marketplace /
Farmer's Market


 Healthy Foods at an Equitable Price

Main Street Marketplace is a community market created in direct response to feedback from our Getting Ahead participants. The Market provides fresh produce, local meat, and staple item groceries on a tier-based pricing scale in an effort to create a healthier food system where everyone in our community has access to healthy foods at a price they can afford. Benefits of shopping at Marketplace:

  • Savings up to 40% on groceries

  • Purchasing high-quality, healthy foods

  • Supporting over 45 local farmers and small businesses

  • Providing new employment opportunities

  • Offering dignity to all neighbors

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How it works

Our community thrives when you shop 

When you shop at Marketplace you are part of a new system focused on creating a sustainable way for our community to access healthy foods while still maintaining dignity through exchange. 

We realize that healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are an essential part of creating a healthy life. We also understand that systemic barriers, family dynamics, job situations, and so much more contribute to your ability to purchase healthy foods, but we believe that no circumstances should prevent the ability to provide nourishment for you or your family. 

Produce and other healthy options often cost more in grocery stores because of the labor costs required to seed, plant, and harvest, unlike highly processed items that can be manufactured more easily. Even still as market prices increase, the need to purchase nutritious foods still is a foundational aspect of creating a healthy life. 

Our pricing tiers create a market where you pay what best fits your family budget. The tiers are based on North Carolina’s poverty guidelines and living wage standards and are updated annually in response to market conditions. 


  When you come to shop the market, take a look at our Pricing Tiers, choose which one best suits you, and whenever you are ready to check out, tell the cashier which pricing tier you prefer! 


So where do YOU fit in?

Green Tier = Less than Wholesale Prices

  • Experiences food or nutritional                  insecurity

  • Receives public assistance 

  • Falls below the poverty guideline

Yellow Tier = Wholesale Prices 

  • Helps us to break even and cover our costs

  • Some income but not making a living wage

Blue Tier = Retail Prices

  • Creates sustainability and allows for program growth

  • Making equal to or above a living wage

  • Desires to give back to the community

China Grove’s
Farmers Market

Shop Locally

Main Street Marketplace will be the new host of the China Grove Farmers Market! 

Hosted every Friday night from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm running from May 5th - August 25th.


The farmers market has been held at the China Grove Roller Mill for over 13 years and has always been a gathering space to connect our community with local farmers, education, and activities around the importance of eating/shopping locally and we are honored to carry on that tradition!


Get weekly updates about the Farmers Market by following us on social media or signing up for our newsletter!


Vendor applications are open until April 24th. 

Please download, complete, and send back to Brianna Caraccio at 


Sponsorship applications are open until April 14th (for printing purposes). 

Please download, complete, and send back to Hope Oliphant at


Thank you to each of our sponsors for supporting our goals for the China Grove Farmers Market!

  • Bountiful Harvesters

  • Lavish Gardner

  • Compassionate Cultivator

    • F&M Bank

  • Seed Sower

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