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Welcome to 

Meeting Place

Meeting Place

A Community Space 

Our vision for our Meeting Place is to offer a space for our community to truly connect. Core to the DNA of Meeting Place are opportunities for growing and building resources in a holistic approach through our various workshops and classes. We envision a place where we partner with one another for a better life for all.

As an organization, we believe that creating relationships within our community will help us grow as individuals.

This space was intended for all people to feel welcome and a part of a class they desire to take part in.


Educational classes are held at Meeting Place

This historic Victorian home that was once a food pantry now provides many rooms for different workshops.

Our classes are mostly educational but we also provide workshops that are created to build community and social support for all.


Meeting Place offers: 

  • Seeking Shalom (Virtual & In-Person)

  • Getting Ahead  (English and Spanish)

  • Getting Ahead After Getting Out 

  • Smart Charity 

  • Bridges Training

  • ACEs

To learn more about our individual workshops click below. 

Casual Meeting
Colorful Friends

How it works

Creating Friendships & Personal Growth 

Marketplace & Meeting Place strongly believe that community and support are key resources to have throughout life for all in our community. It is our goal to not just ask, “How may we help you?”  but rather ask,  “What gifts do you bring so that we may partner for a stronger community?”

Meeting Place is a space that will provide safe gathering of those looking to be involved in a group setting. 

When we as humans feel a part of something we are given a sense of purpose and belonging. 

Meeting Place desires for all humans to share this feeling of belonging.

Email today to find out how you can be a part of Meeting Place - You belong here! 

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