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Marketplace Hydroponic Gardens
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Providing produce all year

We have long awaited the day that we would see our very own hydroponic garden built within our warehouse thanks to the funding received from United Way. 

Marketplace Gardens is designed to grow not only produce, but awareness and provide education surrounding the vital importance of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Our hydroponic garden is a huge provider to our Market and will provide fresh locally grown greens all year round!


Our Hydroponic Garden fuels our Market

The beauty of having a hydroponic garden is that it produces year round in a controlled environment using very little water and no soil. Studies also show that produce grown in a hydroponic garden has a longer shelf life which leads to better nutrition. 

This allows Marketplace to provide fresh lettuce, micro-greens, and herbs year-round.

Each harvest takes place in about 6-8 weeks from germination to full growth. 

In just 400 square feet within our warehouse space (which is adjacent to our Market) we have the ability to grow over 2000 plants with each full harvest.

Contact us to set up your tour! 

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How it works

Creating jobs and nutrition for all

Hydroponic gardening is a method of growing plants without soil. In hydroponic gardening, the water does the work—in this case, the work of delivering nutrients to the plant roots. In order to grow, plants need water, sunlight, carbon dioxide (usually from air circulation), and nutrients.  

Through United Way, Marketplace & Meeting Place was able to build our very own Hydroponic Garden. This then led to the opportunity to create new jobs within our community. Our Hydroponic Garden is 100% profitable giving Marketplace the ability to sell at a lower cost to our community. 

This will also provide this funding to feed back into the market and will be used to purchase other food items or financially support our Getting Ahead Program.

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