Tai Chi
Morning Stretch

Designed for those searching for a deep relaxing release. Marketplace and Meeting Place are believers in holistic healing. We believe the body is designed to heal and regenerate cells through healthy practice. Our stretch class offers a blend of balance, strength, flexibility, and power. This is a class that is instructed for all ages, genders, and sizes. 


Strengthen your body and renew your mind when you join our certified instructor, Joseph, at the Meeting Place for our summer stretch and yoga classes (available for all ability levels). Donations are requested based on our tiered pricing (Green/Free, Yellow/$2.00, Blue/$5.00)

Studies have shown tremendous physical and mental health benefits for those who stretch. It is known to decrease pain and stress while giving the body and mind a sense of peace and wellness. 

Morning Stretch
Jun 17, 10:00 AM
Main Street Meeting Place,
306 S Main St, China Grove, NC 28023, USA