Fresh Organic Vegetables
Community Marketplace 

Community Marketplace was designed to create a place for all to shop. Marketplace provides fresh affordable healthy food options that can be purchased by a vast range of household income. 

Marketplace products are typically a lower cost than for-profit grocery stores and your purchase funds our organization's mentoring programs.


Through many local studies, we have learned about the GAP. The GAP  by those who live locally.  What is "Living in the gap”? We soon learned that even with a full-time job some are not paid a living wage, and receive very little government services to assist. As individuals strive to get a raise it only decreases their spending power because government services are cut at a faster rate than you are able to climb the economic ladder.

Our market was created by those within our community who are aware of this need in hope to make our local economy thrive. 

Meeting Place 

We have a dream that Meeting Place

through our efforts with Workshops & Training, our wonderful team of

supporters, we will create a community where we can

work together to make life better for


As an organization, we believe that creating relationships within our community will help us grow as individuals.

This space was intended for all people to feel welcome and a part of a class they desire to take part in.

Friends Eating Dinner
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Marketplace Hydroponic Gardens

Marketplace Gardens is designed to grow not only produce, but awareness and provide education surrounding the vital importance of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Our hydroponic garden is a huge provider to our Market and will provide fresh locally grown greens all year round!