A Tapestry of Belonging

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves” William Arthur Ward

Holding a faded colored donated quilt with frayed edges, I pondered to keep or discard.  However, I couldn’t help, but see the beauty in this tapestry of fabric. No doubt this quilt at one time kept someone very warm.  The quilt had been hand sewn and knitted together in love by skilled hands for a family member.

Sure there were pieces that were missing and torn, but it was hard to not see the beauty of what had been given.  A gift that provided warmth again and again.

In the professional world so many of our service providers and businesses are built solely on humankind’s deficiencies and their need for assistance.  Social services, psychologists, and even the medical field are structured to find what is broken or missing and create a solution.

Perhaps we have it all wrong?  What if rather than focusing on deficiencies we work to do the opposite and recognize one’s gifts?  

By paying stronger attention to a person’s talents, assets, or resources, people become naturally more aware of their importance to the community.  When one’s gifts are recognized and affirmed they become woven into a new tapestry of belonging. It is through this type of social fabric that lasting change occurs.  

The power of belonging has the potential to allow “all a place at the table” where a rich tapestry is woven.