Holding Hands Up High
Recovery Workshop

Tuesdays each week from 2 pm-3 pm, this workshop is designed as a low-intensity process group to address negative coping mechanisms in the form of substance abuse and related behaviors. The Recovery Workshop is not a 12-step program; it is goal-oriented to bring awareness to substance abuse and healthy coping mechanisms.

Nutrition Class

Join us in our Food Smarts nutrition class as we learn about applying smart food and nutrition habits to your daily life, along with how to utilize Main Street Marketplace for your regular shopping. 

Every Thursday from February 24th - March 17 @ 12:00 - 1:30 pm at the Marketplace. 

Getting Ahead

In a safe, facilitated group setting, Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World takes you step by step through a discovery of yourself like no other. It’s not just about how you got where you are now. It’s also about what comes next to build the life you want.


Our Getting Ahead class allows you over a period of 15 weeks to begin to think about and re-write your new future story.  

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 25 @5:30 pm

Getting Ahead after Getting Out

A reentry model providing citizens returning from incarceration and their families a comprehensive, community- and relationship-based approach to reentry.  This program will take place over a 12-week span.


Date: Coming Jan. 2022 

Friends Talking

This 4 day training offers a new perspective for understanding and addressing the dynamics which characterize life in instability and why it is so difficult for people to break out of this cycle.


Bridges offers insight into the different world of people in crisis, revealing how the survival-based mentality of poverty impacts learning, work habits, and decision-making.