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Meaningful impact




Adam's life has been a journey marked by addiction, childhood trauma, and military service. Having endured significant adversities in childhood, he sought solace in drugs and was caught in a relentless cycle. Recovery offered him a fresh start.


After achieving sobriety, Adam relocated to Rowan County for a new beginning. Employment at Main Street Marketplace (MSM) provided that opportunity, where Adam's warmth and authenticity endeared him to customers.

In addition to being an employee, Adam also became a regular shopper at our market, saving on healthy food through the market’s lower shopping tier as he worked towards financial stability. Discovering MSM's 15-week Getting Ahead program, Adam eagerly joined. He also embraced the holistic offerings at the Meeting Place, participating in transformative experiences like ACEs classes and Community Resiliency Model® training.


These programs equipped him with valuable skills and fostered personal growth, enabling him to navigate challenges with resilience. Adam shared, “My stress has been controlling me. The CRM® class taught me to slow down and tune into my body’s signals. Learning to connect my emotions and attitudes to stress triggers that show up in my body is key to understanding my behaviors and how to better cope and manage them.".

Throughout the program, Adam continued to develop valuable skills and insights, fueling his passion for helping others, and ultimately leading him to become a certified peer support specialist. He now supports others seeking sobriety through his job at Cabarrus Rowan Community Health Center, and we celebrate his growth.


As Adam progressed, he experienced a joyful moment when he was able to change his shopping tier in the market to the upper level, providing him the opportunity to give back to others. Another full-circle moment occurred when Adam facilitated recovery help for two clients of MSM, a ripple effect of his transformation.


Adam's journey from addiction and trauma to sobriety and service came full circle. Through resilience, determination, and a deep desire to help others, he turned life's challenges into a source of strength and hope for his community.

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