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"Marketplace Meal kits have been a game changer for cooking healthy and affodable meals at home." 

Neighborhood connectivity

Marketplace and Meeting Place believes in the transformative power of understanding our neighbors and actively participating in a shared future.
China Grove, a once thriving agriculture and mill town, had strong community ties. However, with the closure of the mills, our community experienced a growing divide between those with resources and those without.

In our commitment to strengthening the community, we strive to listen attentively to the real barriers our neighbors face, gain insights, and build lasting relationships. We aim to build a stronger, more connected neighborhood where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

health and resilience

Marketplace & Meeting Place we value the health and resilience of all community members. Through a holistic approach, we equip individuals to strengthen their physical, emotional, mental, social, and financial health, even in challenging circumstances. Our offerings include a Food Pharmacy program providing valuable nutritional support, guidance through the Community Resiliency Model®, and efforts to address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). What makes us stand out is our commitment to accessibility - all these programs are available on a sliding scale or complimentary basis.By ensuring everyone in the community can participate, we strive to contribute to the well being and resilience of our neighbors.

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economic vitality

Marketplace & Meeting Place drives economic vitality by approaching charity through an equitable business mindset. Our innovative tier pricing in the Market allows for affordability and dignity for all when purchasing food. We also invest in our local community through job training and by purchasing from farmers and small businesses, as well as creating new opportunities for the community like our Marketplace Meal Kits, China Grove Farmers Market, and our Microgreen Initiative. We aim to create new systems within our community that promote financial independence and sustainability for not only our organization but for every individual. 

training and education

Marketplace & Meeting Place is dedicated to changing lives through transformative training and education. Our Getting Ahead classes (in English and Spanish) equip individuals facing instability with the knowledge and tools for a more stable life. 

The Seeking Shalom study explores the need for a paradigm shift for addressing material poverty to meet the needs of the underserved in our community. Bridges Out of Poverty training promotes understanding across economic classes and Reimagining Charity provides enriching conversations as together we discover ways to move beyond simple solutions and create long-term solutions.

Our one-on-one consulting assists in transforming traditional charity models into sustainable, mutually beneficial non-profits. Discover innovative ideas and foster positive change with us.


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