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Neighborhood Connectivity

Neighborhood Connectivity

How Marketplace & Meeting Place participates in

economic vitality


Market with "Tier Pricing"

Discover fresh produce, meat, staple items, and local products priced on our innovative tier pricing, based on family size and income. Our model offers a different approach to shopping, allowing consumer choice, mutual exchange, and ensuring that quality food is never sacrificed for affordability.

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Job Creation 

We focus on building economic mobility within our community by creating jobs and offering job training within our market and our hydroponics garden. We also train our Getting Ahead class participants to become facilitators. We equip individuals with the resources, knowledge, and skills necessary to achieve and sustain financial independence.


Marketplace Meal Kits 

Our monthly meal kits are curated with locally sourced ingredients, bringing health and flavor to your family’s table. We understand the value of time and the impact of mindful choices. Our meal kits offer the perfect blend of convenience and sustainability, with every purchase directly supporting our organization and local farmers within our community. 

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Supporting Local Farmers

We prioritize building relationships with farmers and purchasing from their businesses to provide our customers with high-quality and nutritious foods and stimulate our local economy. This partnership is an opportunity for farmers to sell their products year-round. We also host the seasonal China Grove Farmers Market to give more opportunities for vendors to sell to our local community. Through the market in 2023, we generated over $39,000 for local food purchases. 


Hydroponic Gardens

Through our 400-square-foot hydroponic garden, we cultivate nutrient-rich greens using hydroponic methods to support our commitment to providing an equitable community market. Our freshly harvested lettuce and microgreens are made available year-round, ensuring a sustainable source of produce for our community. We also partner with caterers and restaurants, providing a source for local greens while fostering a healthier and more connected community. 

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