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Neighborhood Connectivity

Neighborhood Connectivity

How Marketplace & Meeting Place participates in

Health and resilience


Food Pharmacy 

By actively engaging with our community, we've gained profound insights into the challenges individuals face in achieving better health through daily dietary choices. Our Food Pharmacy initiative is committed to dismantling these barriers, providing local accessibility and affordability. We equip community members with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate a fresh approach to meal planning, fostering an overall healthier lifestyle.

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Community Resilience

The Community Resiliency Model®, or CRM class, teaches simple techniques for calming the nervous system during times of toxic stress. The group setting helps us realize that we are not alone in our struggles and supports us in learning tools for making better decisions, which, long term, improves our health and relationships.


Nourish our Neighborhood Series

Join us for our new class series, where we will dive into the origins of real food and the profound connection between the land, our bodies, and what graces our tables. During each session we will gain insights from local farmers, educators, and community members, offering a unique opportunity to learn and apply lessons at home. Come be a part of a community bound by a shared passion for understanding the intricate relationship between food and overall well-being.




Our ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences)class series teaches about the potential effects of trauma, or adverse childhood experiences, on our long-term health and in all areas of life. It also teaches about PACES, or protective factors that we can all develop to help build resilience, both individually and within a supportive community. 

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