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Neighborhood Connectivity

Neighborhood Connectivity

How Marketplace & Meeting Place participates in

Neighborhood Connectivity


Local Living 

As a locally rooted organization, we believe being geographically close is key to strengthening our community. With 82% of our staff living within China Grove, we are able to get to know our community members, forge connections, and build a shared sense of purpose and ownership. 


Engaging Neighborhood Activities 

With a focus on creating a sense of unity and belonging, we create space for our community to spend quality time with one another and opportunities for meaningful connection. This happens through frequenting the seasonal farmers market, attending workshops, or joining us for a meal during our luncheons. We prioritize events that will create mutually beneficial relationships. Follow along on our social media or click on the Programs page to see which upcoming events interest you.  



Community Assessment 

Through bi-annual community assessments involving our program participants and the larger community, we strive to gain a real understanding of the needs within our community. This process enables everyone to feel heard, and it allows us to address the root problems effectively. Our assessments also provide a valuable opportunity to connect individuals from all economic classes. Together, we work collaboratively to envision and build a thriving community that addresses the needs and aspirations of every resident. 

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Staying Ahead

Our Getting Ahead graduates often become like family to each other and miss gathering and learning together when the classes end. The Staying Ahead group gathers regularly to offer an opportunity for continued support, resources, and connectedness for those previously in the class. This also provides leadership opportunities and a supportive environment to help program participants cultivate a sense of pride and ownership that unifies and strengthens our community. 

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