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Hydroponics Tour & Tasting

Embracing the advantages of a hydroponic garden!

  • 1 hour
  • Donation Based
  • Main Street Marketplace

Service Description

Embracing the advantages of a hydroponic garden unveils a remarkable year-round productivity within a meticulously controlled environment, employing minimal water and completely bypassing the need for soil. Research indicates that crops cultivated in a hydroponic setting boast an extended shelf life, contributing to enhanced nutritional value. This innovative approach allows Marketplace not only to offer a continuous supply of fresh lettuce, micro-greens, and herbs throughout the year but also aligns seamlessly with our commitment to sustainability. Through the practice of neighborhood connectivity we offer scheduled tours to the public as a way to increase education around this innovated way to growing. From germination to full growth, each harvest cycle spans a mere 6-8 weeks, ensuring a swift and efficient process. Nestled within our warehouse space, conveniently adjacent to our bustling Market, a mere 400 square feet transforms into a thriving hub capable of nurturing over 2000 plants with each complete harvest. This not only underscores our dedication to providing a consistent source of high-quality produce but also adds a captivating touring aspect, inviting our patrons to witness firsthand the flourishing bounty of our hydroponic endeavors.

Contact Details

  • 308 South Main Street, China Grove, NC, USA

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