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Neighborhood Connectivity

Neighborhood Connectivity

How Marketplace & Meeting Place participates in

Training and Education


Getting Ahead (English & Spanish)

The Getting Ahead classes, in English and Spanish, are helpful to those who struggle with financial and other forms of instability to develop resources and tools for leading a more stable life. This class is the foundation of what we do, as it helps build lasting, supportive relationships as we listen and learn from each other. These interactive classes inform our organization about the resources and programs that are needed to help everyone in our community thrive.



Seeking Shalom 

The Seeking Shalom study challenges participants to adopt a holistic perspective on poverty, equipping community members to embrace a biblical charity model that not only addresses immediate needs but also fosters lasting change, promoting a stronger, more connected community.



The Bridges training cultivates understanding and compassion across diverse economic classes, fostering a deep appreciation for fairness and unity. By providing this training, we strengthen our connection to the community, recognizing that shared insight benefits us all.

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Reimagining Charity 

The Reimagining Charity workshop provides an opportunity for enriching conversations and connections with fellow passionate community members. This unique experience reflects our commitment to neighborhood connectivity, bringing together individuals dedicated to exploring innovative ideas, constructing fresh mental frameworks, and fostering a renewed outlook on charity.



Embarking on the shift from a traditional charity model to community development can be a daunting journey. Each community has its unique characteristics and history. At MSM, we recognize the significance of neighborhood connectivity, and we believe in supporting you every step of the way. Drawing from our own experiences, we understand the importance of having a partner agency by your side as you pioneer this transition toward a more responsible and healthier model for your organization.

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