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We value local living. Being geographically close is key to strengthening our community. Local living gives us the chance to get to know our community members, forge connections, and build a shared sense of purpose and ownership. 

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We believe that each community member has value and the capacity to lead a healthy, sustainable life under the right conditions. Unfair economic and social systems have shut some people out of the opportunity to do so. To correct this and make our community more fair, we create pathways for all community members, especially those who have been shut out, to thrive and shape our shared future. 

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Holistic Wellness

To strengthen our community for the long haul, we focus on a wide variety of areas that impact well-being. Together, we create an environment where people can thrive and equip them to live in social, emotional, mental, physical, and financial health for generations. 

_Reimagining Charity Training Session 2 Workbook  Final .png


Together, we work to find lasting solutions, addressing the root causes that impede a unified, flourishing community. We are not focused on short-term relief. By thinking innovatively, we build systems that foster stability for everyone, making our community and economy thrive. 

we are committed to empowering individuals and communities through our innovative programs and initiatives.


Hope Oliphant

Executive Director


Adriane Leach 

Administrative Assistant


Madi Burris

Marketing & Communication


Mandy Earnhardt

Community Engagement


Federico Hernadez

Marketplace Manager


Susan Blume

Food Pharmacy Coordinator

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Brianna Ossorio

Hydroponic Grower

Meet Adam.png

Struggle to Meaningful impact

Adam's life has been a journey marked by addiction, childhood trauma, and military service. Having endured significant adversities in childhood, he sought solace in drugs and was caught in a relentless cycle. Recovery offered him a fresh start.


After achieving sobriety, Adam relocated to Rowan County for a new beginning. Employment at Main Street Marketplace (MSM) provided that opportunity, where Adam's warmth and authenticity endeared him to customers.


In addition to being an employee, Adam also became a regular shopper at our market, saving on healthy food through the market’s lower shopping tier as he worked towards financial stability.

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